What we do

We can help you understand more about your shopper and their path to purchase.

Through test marketing, SheridanGlobal can test the introduction of new store layouts, merchandising plans, display and products, in fact most things requiring investment in-store.Seeing what the shopper sees means that we have great detail of complex in-store behaviour and the flexibility to provide specific analysis precisely address your client needs.

Consumer research can provide key insights into your target audience’s perceptions, needs, problems, beliefs, and motivation for certain practices. Expert facilitation provides the catalyst to fully explore the views of the participants, as well as the attitudes, usage, trends and dynamics of the consumer, unpacking the reasons
why the customers do what they do.
Shopper Using Real World in-store shopper behaviour, SheridanGlobal provide a set of
regulated indicators for your Read more >>          
Consumer While a Shoppers’ journey begins
when they enter the store, the Consumers’
experience begins much earlier.



How can we help your business Our close collaboration with our clients, coupled with our competence in
applying technology to problem solving has led to efficient, effective, and profitable solutions for all parties.

Using leading edge technologies, SheridanGlobal has pioneered evaluation techniques for


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