How can we help your business?

Our close collaboration with our clients, coupled with our competence in applying technology to problem solving has led to efficient, effective, and profitable solutions for all parties.

Using leading edge technologies, SheridanGlobal has pioneered evaluation techniques for tracking shoppers in-store and recording what shoppers see and do. Revolutionary software provides detailed analysis, turning  information into usable insights that makes a difference to our clients.

In addition, our consumer research tool helps to unpack the opportunities that may lay behind the brand . By assessing attitudes, usage, brands, trends and dynamics we can uncover current views on the brand, and areas of growth.

Our techniques are customised to meet your business needs.

Our services include:

  • Shopper Behaviour
  • Store Layout testing
  • Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Category performance
  • Queuing Behaviour Example footage >>
  • Test Marketing
  • Retail Consultancy
  • Window & Signage evaluation Example footage >>
  • Shopper & Staff Interviews
  • Promotional performance testing
  • Display effectiveness Example footage >>
  • Improving the Shopper experience
  • Fixture performance testing
  • Emerging Market Insights Example footage >>
  • Usability testing
  • Fresh Consumer Insights
  • In-store Demonstration testing
  • In-home Immersions
  • Mystery shopping
  • Accompanied Shops
  • Friendship triads Example footage >>
  • Ethnography
  • Mini Depths
  • Focus Groups
  • Discourse analysis
  • Thematic content analysis
  • Diary Placement
  • Semiotic analysis

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