Our Services:

1.Shopper and Consumer Research

We can help you understand more about your shopper and their path to purchase.

This is absolutely critical for any business, to understand the shopper and how their brain works. We have a wide variety of methods that we can use in order to get the best results for your business in any given scenario.

The methods we have available to us to conduct shopper research are:


ClipCam© is a micro camera system for Vision tracking which either fits to a respondents glasses, or is used with plain lense glasses. ClipCam© is connected to a Digital recorder so that everything a shopper sees on their journey around a store is recorded.

Applications for ClipCam© include-determining which displays and products shoppers look at and in what order; fixture or in-category evaluations to determine the path to purchase; and the rejection of products after interaction.


Working with a number of cameras covering a whole store, or discreet areas within it, shopper journeys are recorded and processed using our unique VisiTrack© database.

VisiTrack© can be used for testing store layouts, fixtures, displays, shopper traffic flow and a whole lot more. Based on our findings, we can understand where people go, what they do, their interactions and purchases, and the store planograms. This allows clients to make informed decisions based on what their real shoppers are doing in their real shopping visits.

Questionnaires and Interviews (shopper/staff)

Face to face interviews conducted with shoppers and staff  in the retail environment help us to understand what’s in the hearts and minds of shoppers.

Shopper interviews can reveal gems of information that provide valuable insights into the way customers think and behave on a conscious level. Questioning shoppers in store, enables qualitative and quantitative research that yields robust statistical, demographic and segmented data.

Behavioural analysis

Studying a shopper through their journey in-store or online can reveal high quality feedback that clients can use in order to improve a number of factors that have the potential to be easily resolved.

This can also highlight key areas of focus in future research when we begin to delve into the reasons why shoppers have done what they have.

Accompanied shops

Accompanied shops use the store environment as a real-life stimulus for discussion, enabling us to explore the trade offs and influences of layout, product positioning, communications, pricing and promotions etc.

In store observations and intercepts are a cost-effective means of exploring spontaneous purchasing behaviour at point of purchase and uncovering the rationale behind it.

Focus groups

Focus Group discussions can provide key insights into your target audience’s perceptions, needs, problems, beliefs, and reasons for certain practices. Expert facilitation provides the catalyst to fully explore the views of the participants.

When used in conjunction with observational research techniques, focus groups can help us to interpret and better understand the complex reasons behind a given action, giving us real world findings in real life situations.


2. Consultancy

The vast experience we possess at Sheridan Global make us a fantastic consultancy tool for any type of potential client.

Through desk/field research and the use of our collective experiences and the studying of future trends, we guarantee to be able to provide any client with recommendations relating to anything that the shopper may see or interact with, however big or small, and this is something we have the utmost confidence in delivering.

Our consultancy can provide a wide range of ideas in order to help your business improve its efficiency. We have worked with brands on multiple occasions on their global display strategy with the use of our findings from research conducted or through our previous experiences and expertise. We have also provided detailed refining and rationalising mechanisms on global display units to ensure maximum value and effectiveness in each marketplace.


Consumer research can provide key insights into your target audience’s perceptions, needs, problems, beliefs, and motivation for certain practices. Expert facilitation provides the catalyst to fully explore the views of the participants, as well as the attitudes, usage, trends and dynamics of the consumer, unpacking the reasons why the customers do what they do.

How can we help your business Our close collaboration with our clients, coupled with our competence in
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