Using real-world in-store Shopper behaviour, we provide a set of standard indicators for your various business issues. 

Live and Practical research methodologies evaluate shoppers and their missions to understand how and why they shop the store. With this information we can provide Actionable and Practical recommendations for the benefit of your business.

We can answer a whole range of questions focused on the needs of brands and retailers in-store, such as:

  • Who is my shopper and how do they behave in-store?
  • How many people enter my store, how many go to each of the areas/fixtures or categories?
  • What is the impact of staff on the shoppers purchase decision?
  • Where are my hot and cold spots?
  • What are the most effective promotional offers in each category?
  • Do my store promotions perform better than the Brands own display formats?
  • What does my shopper look at while waiting at the checkout?
  • How well is my in-store messaging working?
  • How long do my shoppers spend in store and in category?
  • What do they look at and interact with first in-store?
  • What happens when we change the layout in the light of the recommendations?
  • What is the average time in category by shopper demographic?
  • How much of my POP is in the store and how much of it is seen by the shopper?

 And a whole lot more!





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