ClipCam© is a micro camera system for Vision tracking which either fits to a respondents glasses, or is used with plain lense glasses. ClipCam© is connected to a Digital recorder so that everything a shopper sees on their journey around a store is recorded.

Applications for ClipCam© include-determining which displays and products shoppers look at and in what order; fixture or in-category evaluations to determine the path to purchase; and the rejection of products after interaction.


Working with a number of cameras covering a whole store, or discreet areas within it, shopper journeys are recorded and processed using our unique VisiTrack© database.

VisiTrack© can be used for testing store layouts, fixtures, displays, shopper traffic flow and a whole lot more. Based on our findings, we can understand where people go, what they do, their interactions and purchases, and the store planograms. This allows clients to make informed decisions based on what their real shoppers are doing in their real shopping visits.


DigiTrack© encorporates data from video (either ClipCam or Visitrack), shopper interviews, display audits, store layouts and any other source.

This means that we have a great detail of complex in-store behaviour and the flexibility to provide specific analysis precisely address your needs.


In larger scale research projects SG uses a dashboard system to allow for the most efficient delivery of information. The dashboard links to the Digitrack database and provides a user friendly front end system.

The dashboard allows the user to experiment with the data and to test different hypotheses, it is deliberately designed for non researchers to use the data in a “what if” environment.