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We will help you optimise your brands potential within the marketplace and gain that valuable market share you desire.

Our focused research will reveal valuable shopper insights which ultimately change the way shoppers see and interact with your brand across multiple channels. Sheridan Global offers brands a diverse range of services with the outcome of increasing effectiveness of in-store displays and product layouts. The services and unique behavioural analysis of SheridanGlobal now provide our clients with a full menu of brand and retail needs.

Shopper Using Real World in-store shopper behaviour, SheridanGlobal provide a set of
regulated indicators for your Read more >>          
Consumer While a Shoppers’ journey begins
when they enter the store, the Consumers’
experience begins much earlier.



How can we help your business Our close collaboration with our clients, coupled with our competence in
applying technology to problem solving has led to efficient, effective, and profitable solutions for all parties.
Using leading edge technologies, SheridanGlobal has pioneered evaluation techniques for Read more >>SheridanGlobal is an International Retail Research Specialist, working in shopper insight, layout testing and test marketing.In the past decade, the world and the retail industry have changed significantly and SheridanGlobal has evolved to meet these new challenges. Today, we are diverse company with an expanded focus on increasing the effectiveness of store display and layout from the shopper perspective. The services and unique behavioral analysis systems of SheridanGlobal now provide our clients with a full menu of brand and retail needs.

Where we work From Europe to the USA and the Far East to South Africa, SheridanGlobal boasts practised expertise around the world. We make >> Read more Our Team SheridanGlobal has assembled a dynamic skilled team of young industry focused professionals with a fresh outlook on Market Research. Their >> Read more



Our Mission Knowledge Insights Action! With a
360 degree approach to research, we aim to keep the focus on the end user throughout the >> Read more
Our Vision SheridanGlobal, is committed to achieving the highest standards of service, in offering innovative solutions, actionable insights and relevant >> Read more



Our Values Our core values shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and how we make decisions >> Read more Our Clients Working with the Consumer and with the Shopper, SheridanGlobal use a standard set of measures to answer business issues >> Read more